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What We Were is a behavioral based, science grounded method for helping people return to a healthy weight.  As you may already know however, helping wonderfully human people acheive a healthier level of fitness and cardiovascular function is easy to write a plan for but often hard to achieve in practice. What We Were was designed to bridge that gap. Because somewhere between a plan and a result, is a person. A complex, hardy, every changing person who must carry out an ordered, empirical, logical program.

See the disconnect?

We don't fit in plans very well, and there's a multitude of reasons for that. So we spent some time asking ourselves the single most important question of weight-loss. What's missing?

Then one day, one of the wandering characters who frequents these parts had an epiphany while eating the leftover bacon crumbles from his BLT.

"People aren't programs. We're stories."

So a method, whatever kind it may be, must first meet a person in their story. And when we understand the complex interplay of experiences, habits, motives, heartaches, and triumphs a person carries, we'll begin to see the threads of what's holding them back.

And together, we'll help them cut some old ones and weave some new ones with the power of science, hardwork, and common sense. We'll design it around short intervals of changes - evolutions we call them - that vary between 6-8 weeks. We'll help them see how food is our best ally in this challenge; all the while surrounding them with people who are genuinely rooting for them.

That sounds pretty damn cool to us.

And it's on that rock, we built our house.

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